Abba's House

The Big Event Begins In:

    Where To Watch

    Watch anytime here or on YouTube.

     NETWORK/STATION                                       DAY/TIME
     WORD NETWORK  Sunday - 10:30am ET 
     CTN (Christian Television Network)  Sunday - 7:00am ET 
     CTN (Christian Television Network)  Saturday - 10:30pm ET 
     TBN HD  Sunday - 8:00am ET 
     CHURCH CHANNEL                      Sunday - 1:00am ET
     CHURCH CHANNEL  Sunday - 7:00am ET
     CHURCH CHANNEL  Monday - 6:00am ET  
     CHURCH CHANNEL  Wednesday - 9:30am ET  
     CHURCH CHANNEL  Thursday - 4:00am ET
     CHURCH CHANNEL  Friday - 8:30am ET
     WDEF - CHATTANOOGA, TN  Sunday - 7:30am ET
     KMCT - WEST MONROE, LA  Sunday - 8:30am CT
     KMCT - WEST MONROE, LA  Sunday - 1:00pm CT
     KMCT - WEST MONROE, LA                  Wednesday - 5:00pm CT
     KMCT - WEST MONROE, LA  Friday - 10:00pm CT
     KJNP - NORTH POLE, AK  Sunday - 4:00am AK
     KJNP - NORTH POLE, AK  Tuesday - 7:00pm AK
     WEPH - TUPELO, MS  Sunday - 6:00am CT 
     WFGC - WEST PALM BEACH, FL  Sunday - 7:00am ET 
     WLCN - CHARLESTON, SC  Sunday - 7:00am ET 
     WVUP - TALLAHASSEE, FL  Sunday - 7:00am ET 
     WCLF - CLEARWATER/TAMPA/ST. PETE  Sunday - 12:30pm ET
     WCLF - CLEARWATER/TAMPA/ST. PETE  Friday - 7:00pm ET
     GOSPEL CHANNEL EUROPE                     Sunday - 1:30am GMT
     GOSPEL CHANNEL EUROPE  Sunday - 10:30am GMT
     GOSPEL CHANNEL EUROPE  Sunday - 6:30pm GMT
     GOSPEL CHANNEL EUROPE  Tuesday  4:00pm GMT